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#2020 Vision No BS. Cuz we’re serious AF.

So you are a law student. And by now, you know exactly what you want. Also, you are hardworking, you’re tough, you read a lot, you’re a brainiac, and you probably lack a significant amount of sleep in the last few weeks, or months, or even years. 
On the other hand, it turned out well for you. You know the laws, you know your rights, you’ve memorised provisions, codes, landmark cases, and maybe even G.R. numbers, just like the Criminal Law expert Judge we know.
Then, Congratulations! 
As you enter a new decade, a new year, to start, there is so much ahead of you.
The good news is, it is not only recits, long lists of cases, sleepless nights, mental anguish, and even wounded feelings (Cough! Terror law professors. Cough!), that’s waiting on.
If you keep your good habits and trash the bad ones, anticipate a bright future in law school and in your bar preparations.

Also, it is definitely not too late to develop good habits along the way.
We are all about self- improvement and we are goal diggers, aren’t we?
Now, let’s get this going with a short but sweet list of a few REMINDERS for you to make 2020, your best year ever!
Discipline, Commitment, and Hard work. You already know these things. These got you through and put you right where you are right now. (Reading Pinay Jurist *wink*) 
You are way ahead of you when you first started because you possess discipline, commitment and you do a lot of hard work. As far as the competition goes, you’re really better off competing with your old self. Period.
1. Discipline keeps you grounded. With discipline, you are not easily distracted, nor exhausted. You get to deal with the hardships and inconveniences in law school because you have self-discipline. So fire up that discipline. 
2. Commitment is what fuels you. You have to be committed to get to give your everything in all that you do. Just like in relationships. You stop at nothing, and you go the extra mile to make the other person, your significant other, feel happy and loved. [Insert heart emojis here] (If you’re single and can’t relate, just think about law school. Focus!) 
3. Hard work. There’s nothing much to say but — HARD. WORK.  1% Inspiration, 99% Hard work.
With Discipline, Commitment, and Hard work, you know you will be in your best this year in law school or in your bar exam review.
I hope you liked the first ever Pinay Jurist Newsletter!
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Thank you so much, everyone!

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